What the future might look like…

Considered normal for my children:

  • Parks integrated in to skyscrapers
  • Augmented reality vacations, and porn
  • Coding integrated in every school system
  • Full transparency politics
  • The death of the phone number

Considered normal for my grandchildren:

  • Car-free cities
  • High-speed cross-Atlantic tunnel
  • Pay to live ad-free
  • Adulthood based on IQ, not age
  • Music is fully composed by algorithms
  • Tracking chips in new-borns
  • Genome based dating
  • No taboo in sharing all sexual preferences

Considered normal for my great-grandchildren:

  • Relive recorded experiences
  • No more printed money
  • Handwriting is just an art form
  • Country ruled by A.I. system
  • Government incentives for early death

31. Brooklyn.

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